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News about what's going on at CrossFit Chickasaw, and how its athletes are performing at various competitions!

Dwight Quarles competed in back-to-back Super Spartan Races. Dwight finished the Chicago Super event in a time of 3:29:31 on August 15th and went on to complete the Virgina Super, held at the Wintergreen Resort, in a time of 5:56:44 on August the 22nd. Dwight's next target is the California Super September 26th.

Becca Burks (34:19), Jason Hill (29:48), Lacey Hall (40:51), Paul Shimek (29:05), Ashley Colotta, and Erica Singleton (21:12) ran the Bardog 5k held in downtown Memphis August 30th.  Erica placed 2nd in the 30-34 age group and 5th overall female. Well done!

Travis Stalans, Kim Klages, Katelyn Wilson, and Andy Werling competed in the Iron Horse Classic held August 29th in McComb, Mississippi . Andy finished 2nd in the Mens RX division, Travis tied for 8th place in the Mens Scaled field, and Kim & Katelyn finished 7th in the Female Scaled Team competition. 

Kawika Chun and Andrew Seamons completed the MRTC RRS 2nd 5 Miler held August 23rd in WJ Freeman Park in Bartlett, Tennessee. Andrew finished 10th in the 45-49 age group in a time of 36:31. Kawika finished 34th in the 30-34 age group in a time of 48:56.

Erica Singleton finished 47th out of 6,301 female competitors at the SeaWheeze Half Marathon held August 15th in Vancouver, British Columbia. Erica finished in a time of 1:35:05.

Erica Singleton and Andrew Seamons completed the MRTC RRS 1st 5 Miler held August 9th in WJ Freeman Park in Bartlett, Tennessee.  Erica finished 3rd in her age group and 14th overall female in a time of 36:47.  Andrew was 8th in his age group running in a time of 36:41.

Adam Singleton finished 14th in the 30-34 age group at the Music City Triathlon held July 26th in Nashville, Tennessee.  Adam completed the 1.5k swim, 40k bike, & 10k run in a time of 3:05.13.

Andrew Seamons placed 9th in the 45-49 age group at the Mighty Mite Triathlon held July 18th in Forrest City, Arkansas.

Kawika Chun (29:30) and Andrew Seamons (21:56) competed in the MRTC Road Race Series 1st 5k on July the 12th in Memphis. 

Andy Werling, Mel Puppa, and Katelyn Wilson competed in the WODLife Summer Games held June 27th in Birmingham, Alabama.  This was Katelyn first competition and Mel's first time competing in the RX division.  Andy won event 3 in the Men's RX division on his way to an 8th place overall finish.  Congratulations!

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