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News about what's going on at CrossFit Chickasaw, and how its athletes are performing at various competitions!

Andy Werling, Mel Puppa, and Katelyn Wilson competed in the WODLife Summer Games held June 27th in Birmingham, Alabama.  This was Katelyn first competition and Mel's first time competing in the RX division.  Andy won event 3 in the Men's RX division on his way to an 8th place overall finish.  Congratulations!

Dwight Quarles completed the Spartan Beast Spartan Race held June 13th in Breckenridge, Colorado in a time of 5:49:28.

Kelsey Currie, Will Lewis, Chris Dewan, and Andy Werling all competed in the Habortown 5k Friday June 5th in Memphis, Tennessee.

Derek Pegram won the Novice Heavy Weight division at the 2nd Annual Pulling for a Miracle strongman competition held Saturday May 30th in Cordova, Tennessee.

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