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News about what's going on at CrossFit Chickasaw, and how its athletes are performing at various competitions!

Tim Devall completed the CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course at NWA CrossFit in Bentonville, Arkansas on September 27th & 28th.

Brian Swanson placed 31st at  the Stanky Creek 50k held September 14th in Bartlett.  His time of 7:14:45 was a PR.

Andy Werling completed the CrossFit Level 1 Course held at CrossFit Chickasaw Sept 13th & 14th.

Jay Reedy took 18th place in the 25-29 age group at the Cooper Young Festival 4 Miler held on Friday September 12th in Memphis. Jay's finishing time of 29:08 averaged 7:17/mile.

Andy Werling competed in the Riverbluff Triathlon in Nashville, Tennessee on September 6th.  He finished 6th in the 25-29 age group completing his first Olympic distance tri in 2:58:48.

Toni Gutierrez, competing on team "Kettlebell Queens", won the Women's Scaled division at The Delta throwdown on September 1st in Cordova, Tennessee.

Andy Werling, competing on team "Tribal Wolf", took 5th place in the Men's RX division at The Delta Throwdown held Labor Day in Cordova, Tennessee.

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